What could YOUR plate do?

"Please know that your gift truly has made a difference in the lives of these families."

- nonprofit in Austin, TX

A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. For many families, simply finding the transportation to get to treatment becomes a major obstacle. Here is how the Texans Conquer Cancer specialty license plate has helped.

  • A nonprofit in San Antonio was able to provide van and taxi transportation services to over 60 cancer patients so they could receive their chemotherapy and radiation treatments.
  • An Austin-area nonprofit was able to provide taxi vouchers to a mother who had no method of reliable transportation to get her 4-year old child to his cancer treatment.
  • A nonprofit in Fort Worth assisted 25 patients with more than 636 trips to their cancer treatment.

"The grant resulted in reduced patient stress, improved quality of life and the delivery of life-saving treatments."

- nonprofit in San Antonio, TX

The cost of co-pays and having to leave employment to care for a family member in treatment leaves many families desperately struggling to make ends meet. The Texans Conquer Cancer license plate is helping to ease this burden so patients and their families can concentrate on what is most important.

  • An El Paso-area nonprofit was able to provide 129 low-income parents with meals in the local hospital- and 9 families with rent assistance--while their children were in active treatment.
  • A nonprofit in the Lower Rio Grande Valley was able to assist a colon cancer patient with lodging, food, and transportation while he, his wife, and young son traveled to another city for his treatment.